Nine questions for Jan Fran, co-host of The Feed on SBS Viceland

No, I have many regrets about working for SBS, that’s the least of them.

What’s special about The Feed?

Everything! The people, that’s the first thing. I reckon we’ve got the best team of people. Super hard-working, super flexible, super collaborative, and just very nice. I’m constantly surprised by how fricking nice everyone is who works on this show. Also, the product that we produce is amazing: we’re just constantly punching above our weight and I would challenge any other program to do what we do on the time constraints and the budget restraints that we have. That is a challenge, sir.

Is there anyone at The Feed that you just hate?

Marc Fennell. Can’t stand the man. Can’t you tell? The real answer honestly is no. It’s extremely bizarre that everyone that works on this show is very likeable. I’m astounded.

Do you think that comes across to the viewers?

I hope it does. The relaxed nature of the presenters comes through, we’re the same off-camera as we are on-camera, and I think the audience can sort of see that.

What made you want to become a journalist?

I originally wanted to become an actor, and because I’m born of Lebanese parents who don’t think that’s a real job, this was a very close second. Also because I’ve always been really engaged with the news and I thought it’d be a really interested job to do. And because I want to be on TV.

Do you think you ever will be an actor?

Not really. I’m happy doing what I’m doing. The acting dream has died.

It’s a good thing for dreams to die.

I like to take inspiration from the Reverend Mother from The Sound of Music, who said, when God closes a door, somewhere He opens a window. So when one dream dies another is born.

The Feed is on SBS Viceland, Monday-Thursday, 7.35pm.

Ben Pobjie

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