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And things are about toetven better because we have a very nny guestbring to the table. You know alrom “E soup.” Now he’s got a new show called “The Joel Mchale show” with Joel hale,obviously. Please welcome, you guesst,el Mchale. Good to see you. So M people. Hi. Hi,ice T S you. Nic see you. Con. I don’t- Have a seat. Gre okay. I that look from you GHT hmm. I’m smelling my fi ‘S a littlird. Is is clearly not geor at sinceiss much higr, gh Toon. Too S Keept warm, Joel. Don’t C. Well, good morning. Ood morning, America. Good mning, camera. You know what, we’re happy tohave you re, man, and, you know, hopelly you’re hg good summer so far. I sawou came from camping which sounds like a lot of fun. Idid. Were not stranded or anythi on purpose. It was gain somrafrp something when you don’t have to do anything. It’s a hotel outside. T’s a bit of a rip bu yeah, we went glamping. Mye and I ended up in a corn hole tournament and I don’t know if you aboutnhole. Who won? Okay it was a huge group and we — we were on se teams ended up in the final against each otheryife and I are vy competitive.michael, you knowothing what taabout. If you had tried more W were P football, you would have had some success but I’m adou had this to fall back se I knowou needed the money, Bute literal has his own line of suit,guys. Wearingwn label. You know what’s son I’m like, I’m sitting heregoing, well, George isn’t here and here and you’re stillaying it to my face. You’re a Goodman. Oh no, I’m not. Robin, D you your own line of clothes. I do ‘sn that. A W’s line. Letet on it. Thank U. So thene’re throwing bean bags into a hole and it became spirited and very intense. I will say that I D win with mytner and felt terrible D stilleaping that, but therwill be – we’ve already schedu rematch. I mean, my wife and ie been so comtitive when we played nnrs ago and I won, she wake, ea we’llever ay again. And then we started playing again so it all — Celebrating your 22nd wedding anniversary. Yes, 22nd wedding anniversary. She isery nice to agree to continue to be married to me. You WER in another nt. Nite tournament. I don’t know if you’ve heard of this vame called fortnite but it’s the most popular tng on planet right now. Ye A my kids play it and they , Y, we don’t ever have to go to college, let’s just do is and I goto Thi fortnite tournament and I was playing against the hundr best players in the world. Re Y good? I’m there I’m playing people like ninjayth and — you Kho that is, right? Me just said them and at there kid that went,what. Ninja. How did you do? You can hide in fortnite and I jt hid like a coward. An jus waited — You survived. Ninja got eliminated before Mey ks were like we are notorribly erassed by you now. We can go out in puic. Ey were warning me, they’re like, sucks and you need teforever. And even my 13-year- like, I’m not the greatest it but I’m way better T you. Get on it so for lik minutes they liked me as a father. So it was –T wkedut. Thank you. Thyou for thpi. The pity clapping. Thank you. We want toalk about the show. Let’s do . The “The jochale show wi jchale. How did you come up W T me Well, it was hard – it was weeks and weeks of discus. No, this way I’ve ens that if they fire , theeplacement will be very awkwardau it’s becomes thee Joel Mchale show” with Michael Strahan which I donoubt there’s a future when that then tllavo Chae the whole thing but I wto me sure that if people didn’tch my N first time I’m desperate. I’m in a dpe- I jt want to on Netflix. We Wil wat clip and I has guests and we’ll look at something. About one scene from show where you’re discussing this. He’s the “Thjoel Mchale show.” We spent 18 hours lisng to music and full moon and we saw a white fox in theiddlef pch in the middle O T morning. Like everything was an omen. That’s — what a gy. You have one that explains how straws work? Oh, that’s it? Oh, thanks. All right. Fo that entire clip go to the show aou’ll see — it’ll total sense. Ck black I on the end that. You have a lot of celebri he sh. Jacobs and chatterbout a “Community” reboot reunion. What say you? Well, as everybo knows, Na’s career is tanked he’ not a successful rapper, actor, director or writer, so he’s been F it look, if Donald has T time which he will in about 3 years, then a Dan Harmon just got picked up for esf “Rick and mortgy” so he’s a LI busy and we want Michael. He needs another show. He needs one more ow. And he needs to start working out me. I need a Why? That’s what I want toknow. Why haven’t you exercised since you retired? I don’t know. Just – figur why. Who am I — ou should get back in shape. I don’tnow — I’ve been slacking te Yyed football. Oh, yeah, I playedfootll. Look at that build. You did py footll. Yeah, okay, this is- He did. This is the dife between yeah, you’re right but this she differ between me — mytball was getting a twinkie at like a gas stn and he was T porterhouse steak that cost $250. He would have ripped — yeah, he with my ownarms hat sition. Tight end. You would have had a field day. Yes. He woulde Hite S hard my ancestors wove. Yeah, no, I — That have been fun. When I see SNE lik him downing field, running a crying, Michael ss asme, run for your life. So, yeah, , we — ye I played poorly on very goo college team and hed very well in the most competitive ag so it’s not — there sort of — I’m sure Amy woulde me harder than I was hitting people out E. Il Y right now you can come BAC they time because ts has been — I’l com bk tomorrow. You’re mygest cheerleader. See you tomorrow. You knowhat I love we were talking about thisdownstairs. E had cake becae you’re November 20th. I’m 21st. Therd. Really. And – February, February 6h. Sorry. Amy H birthday. How about that? All ri well, then I’m coming back O my birthday? Yes, you are.e having ce in all right, I’ll see Y then. I’m tur34. Tu 3 34. Yep. I’ll be launching my clothing line with Michael. On our birthday how about that? We lover it when’re here, man. Thank you for having me. Evedy will love this “The Joel hahow” withoel haming on Netflix. Ureou go check out this funnyman.

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