is an electric car a viable day-to-day proposition?

That’s quite a gamble to take given I’d be arriving almost fully depleted of battery power. That made me wonder how people manage with an EV as a sole vehicle, as while I’m prepared to put up with a bit of hassle personally, having a four- and a six-year-old along does inevitably change things.

On shorter trips it’s been perfect, I love the way it drives, the acceleration is hilarious, not least because its silent, the way it picks up speed when you push your foot to the floor quite addictive.

Even so, the arrival of a test car may see the i3 S parked for a couple of days, as because as much as we’ve all grown to love the plug-in BMW, my six-year-old boy can’t resist a big, ancient SUV with a V8 and side exhaust pipes. The future might be electric, then, but it seems the little people might still need a bit of persuasion…  

April 3rd, 2018

Fuel economy this week: n/a

Two weeks into the i3S’s tenure and I now have now the exact specification. I’d guessed at about £5,000 of options added to the £39,395 list price, and was only £85 out. That brings the total price to about £10,000 more than something like Volkswagen’s e-Golf, though if I’d chosen a regular i3 (rather than the S), and been brave enough to do without the range extender, that gap would drop significantly. 

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