Apple files patent for hazard-highlighting headlights

Though we’re still not sure if Apple really plans to make a car, they’ve filed nearly enough patents to throw one together. The latest is an adaptive headlight system programmed to highlight road hazards and more.

Dubbed the “System and Method for Light and Image Projection,” the patent outlines a system that can use an “illuminated indicator” to show where an object is and highlight movement of an animal or pedestrian. The patent was published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office last week and reported by Apple Insider to have a visual system incorporating a car’s windshield as well.

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Without getting too muddled down in the details, the patent essentially allows a headlight system to properly light different objects in the field of view by controlling contrast. Additionally, it claims notifications could be displayed on a head-up system to give the driver more information directly in the field of view.

Interestingly, Apple also suggested helmets to provide information to the driver, which would be move reminiscent of the famously failed Google Glass. This patent joins a number of vehicle-related filings from the tech giant, including recently a bundle of patents for haptic seats and a trick sunroof.

It’s possible Apple could be filing the patents in bulk as a way to become a technology provider for major automakers, but we’re sure this move will only fan the flames among Apple fans that the long-rumored iCar is finally coming.

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